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Peter Watts
Watts is a marine biologist. His first story "Niche" appeared in Tesseracts3, but was reprinted in Northern Stars Tor Books' first "best of Canadian sf" anthology; and was subsequently expanded into Watts' first novel (also from Tor, 1999), Starfish. He has also had stories in On Spec, Tesseract5, Divine Realms and Prairie Fire. .
Karen Wehrstein
Toronto author of fantasy novels including, Lion's Heart(1991) and Lion's Soul (1991).
Andrew Weiner
Born in London in 1949, Weiner earned an M.Sc. in social psychology from the London School of Economics before moving to Canada in 1974. He has sold over 30 stories to Asimov's; F&sf; Twilight Zone Magazine; Chrysalis; Interzone; Again Dangerous Visions; and elsewhere. Two of his short stories have been filmed for the Tales of the Darkside TV series. His first novel, Station Gehenna,was published in the "Isaac Asimov Presents"series by Worldwide Library in December 1988. His first short story collection, Distant Signals And Other Stories came out in 1989; a second collection, This is the Year Zero, came out in 1998 from Pottersfield Press.
Allan Weiss, Ph.D.
sf Academic, bibliographer, and short story author, he is best known as co-editor of Out of This World: Canadian Science Fiction & Fantasy Literature [Kingston: Quarry Press; Ottawa: National Library of Canada, 1995.] Alan has also organized several academic conferences on Canadian sf and published the proceedings.
Michelle West
Michelle West is the new incarnation of Michelle Sagara (See above) and so far has two series in print under the West name: Hunter's Oath 1995. And the Sun Sword: The Uncrowned King (#2)
Edward Willett
Freelance writer and actor, he has three sf juveniles available: Soulworm, Dark Unicorn, and Andy Nebula, Intersteller Rock Star. Andy Nebula was chosen for the Our Choice list by the Canadian Children's Book Centre. Edward is also the editor of the sf Canada web site.
Robert Charles Wilson.
Wilson's novels have a strong, driving narrative combined with subtle character development to produce that rarest of commodities, an action novel with depth A Hidden Place,Memory Wire, (1987) Gypsies (1989), The Divide (1990), A Bridge of Years (1991), The Harvest (1992), Myserium (1994) and Darwinia His most recent publication and a finalist for the Hugo Award for Best Novelette was "Divided by Infinity" in Starlight 2 (a Tor original anthology edited by Patrick Nielsen Hayden) (Note: Not to be confused with the American Robert Charles Wilson, who wrote The Crooked Tree and Icefire.)
Susan Wood, Ph.D..
A professor of English at UBC, she was a leading feminist and one of the founders of A Room of One's Own, and was an outstanding critic with hundreds of articles, columns, and reviews. She edited and introduced Ursula K. LeGuin's Language of the Night and was co-editor (with Michael Glickson) of Energumen, one of Canada's greatest fanzines. Her sf criticism and columns were a major influence in the field. In addition to ten fan Hugo nominations and four wins, she was postumously awarded the 1981 Aurora Award for lifetime contributions to the field.
J. Michael Yates
A prolific west coast author, Yate's Fazes In Elsewhen is a collection of experimental, "New Wave"-style, stories. MOST RECENT: "Sokestack in the Desert" in Tesseracts8

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