Canadian sf Book Reivews

  • Chris Atack Project Maldon
  • Nancy Baker A Terrible Beauty
  • Michael Barley Jackal Bird
  • Brian Brett The Fungus Garden
  • Joël Champetier The Dragon's Eye.(Barbour) The Dragon's Eye (Runté)
  • John Robert Colombo (ed.) Friendly Aliens
  • Michael Coney Cat Karina
  • Charles De Lint Someplace to be Flying
  • David Duncan The Cursed ; Daughter of Troy; The Gilded Chain ; Future Indefinite; Present Tense; Strings
  • Sarah B. Franklin (AKA: Dave Duncan) Daughter of Troy
  • Leslie Gadallah Cat's Pawn ; Loremasters
  • James Alan Gardner Vigilant
  • Larry Gaudet Media Therapy
  • William Gibson All Tommorow's Parties Count Zero; Idoru.
  • Phyllis Gotlieb A Judgement of Dragons, Blue Apes; Flesh and Gold Violent Stars
  • Glen Grant (editor) Northern Suns
  • Terence M Green Shadow of Ashland ; A Witness to Life
  • Tanya Huff Child Of The Grove ; The Last Wizard; Valor's Choice; Wizard of the Grove [1999 ed.]
  • Monica HughesCrisis on Conshelf Ten Earthdark Keeper of the Isis Light Guardian of Isis The Isis Pedlar Ring-Rise Ring-Set
  • Don Hutchison (editor) Northern Frights
  • Paula Johanson (ed.) Tesseracts7
  • Marie Jakober Black Chalice
  • Dennis JonesThe Stone and the Maiden
  • Guy Gavriel Kay The Lions of Al-Rassan Sailing to Sarantium The Summer Tree
  • Eileen Kernaghan Journey to Aprilioth Dance of the Snow Dragon
  • Crawford Kilian Brother Jonathan; Eyas The Fall Of The Republic(The Chronoplane Wars #1); Rogue Emperor(The Chronoplane Wars #2); The Empire Of Time(The Chronoplane Wars #3); Tsunami
  • Donn Kushner A Book Dragon
  • Edward Llewellyn Bright Companion, The Douglas Convolution
  • Nicole LuikenEscape To The Overworld
  • Scott Mackay Outpost
  • Ann Marston Kingmaker's Sword (1); The Western King (2); Broken Blade(3)
  • Judith Merril Tesseracts (anthology); Daughters of Earth
  • Yves Meynard The Book of Knights (Barbour) ;The Book Of Knights(Runté)
  • William Pasnak In The City of the King
  • Graham Petrie Seahorse
  • Garfield Reeves-StevensNighteyes
  • Spider and Jeanne RobinsonStarmind
  • Sean Russell The Compass of the Soul
  • Robert J. Sawyer Factoring Humanity; Frameshift; Golden Fleece
  • Linda Smith Wind Shifter
  • Heather Spears The Taming
  • Sean Stewart Clouds End ; ;The Night Watch
  • Jean-Louis Trudel (ed.) Tesseracts7
  • Eward WillettAndy Nebula, Internstellar Rock Star
  • Andrew Weiner Station Gehenna
  • Robert Charles Wilson A Hidden Place; Memory Wire; Darwinia
  • All Tommorow's Parties William Gibson
  • Andy Nebula, Interstellar Rock StarEdward Willett
  • Black Chalice Marie Jakober
  • Blue Apes Phyllis Gotlieb
  • A Book Dragon Donn Kushner
  • The Book Of Knights Yves Meynard (Runté)
  • The Book of Knights Yves Meynard (Barbour)
  • Bright Companion, Edward Llewellyn
  • Broken Blade Ann Marston
  • Brother Jonathan Crawford Kilian
  • Cat Karina Michael Coney
  • Cat's Pawn, Leslie Gadallah
  • Crisis on Conshelf Ten Monica Hughes
  • The Chronoplane Wars [Series]
  • Child Of The Grove Tanya Huff
  • Clouds End Sean Stewar
  • The Compass of the Soul Sean Russell
  • Count Zero, William Gibson
  • The Cursed Dave Duncan
  • Dance of the Snow Dragon Eileen Kernaghan
  • Darwinia Robert Charles Wilson
  • Daughters of Earth, Judith Merril
  • Daughter of Troy Sarah B. Franklin
  • The Douglas Convolution, Edward Llewellyn
  • The Dragon's Eye, Joël Champetier (Runté)
  • The Dragon's Eye. Joel Champetier (Barbour)
  • Earthdark Monica Hughes
  • The Empire Of Time(The Chronoplane Wars #3) Crawford Kilian
  • Escape To The Overworld Nicole Luiken
  • Eyas Crawford Kilian
  • Factoring Humanity Robert J. Sawyer
  • The Fall Of The Republic(The Chronoplane Wars #1) Crawford Kilian
  • Flesh and Gold Phyllis Gotlieb
  • Frameshift Robert J. Sawyer
  • Friendly Aliens John Robert Colombo (ed.)
  • The Fungus Garden, Brian Brett
  • Future Indefinite David Duncan
  • The Gilded Chain David Duncan
  • Golden Fleece Robert J. Sawyer
  • Guardian of Isis Monica Hughes
  • A Hidden Place Robert Charles Wilson
  • Idoru. William Gibson
  • In The City of the King William Pasnak
  • Jackal Bird Michael Barley
  • Journey to Aprilioth Eileen Kernaghan
  • A Judgement of Dragons, Phyllis Gotlieb
  • The Isis Pedlar Monica Hughes
  • Keeper of the Isis Light Monica Hughes
  • n Kingmaker's Sword Ann Marsto
  • The Last Wizard Tanya Huff
  • The Lions of Al-Rassan Guy Gavriel Kay
  • Loremasters, Leslie Gadallah
  • Media Therapy, Larry Gaudet
  • Memory Wire Robert Charles Wilson
  • Nighteyes Garfield Reeves-Stevens
  • The Night Watch Sean Stewart
  • Northern Frights Don Hutchison (ed.)
  • Northern Suns David Hartwell and Glen Grant (eds.)
  • Outpost Scott Mackay
  • Present Tense David Duncan
  • Project Maldon, Chris Atack
  • Ring-Rise Ring-Set Monica Hughes
  • Rogue Emperor(The Chronoplane Wars #2) Crawford Kilian
  • Sailing to Sarantium Guy Gavriel Kay
  • Seahorse Graham Petrie
  • Shadow of Ashland Terence M Green
  • Someplace to be Flying Charles De Lint
  • Starmind Spider and Jeanne Robinson
  • Station Gehenna Andrew Weiner
  • The Stone and the Maiden Dennis Jones
  • Strings, Dave Duncan
  • The Summer Tree Guy Gavriel Kay
  • The Taming Heather Spears
  • A Terrible Beauty Nancy Baker
  • Tesseracts, Judith Merril
  • Tesseracts7 Paula Johanson and Jean-Louis Trudel (eds.)
  • Tsunami, Crawford Kilian
  • Valor's Choice Tanya Huff
  • Vigilant James Alan Gardner
  • Violent Stars Phyllis Gotlieb
  • The Western King Ann Marston
  • Wind Shifter Linda Smith
  • A Witness to Life Terence M. Green
  • Wizard of the Grove [1999] Tanya Huff
  • Douglas Barbour, Ph.D.
    Professor, English Department, University of Alberta, and regular reviewer for The Edmonton Journal, The Toronto Star, and The New York Review of sf, among others.
  • Dave Duncan Canadian fantasy and sf novelist, author of the "Man of His Word" and "The King's Blades" series, among many others. (See Duncan entry in Author Listings, or reviews of his books in first column.)
  • Donna Farley
    Canadian sf poet and author.
  • Barry Hammond Canadian poet, editor, and reviewer.
  • Hal Niedzviecki Editor of Broken Pencil Magazine and critically acclaimed underground author.
  • Paula Johanson
    Co-editor of Tesseracts7 and author of No Parent is an Island
  • Robert Runté, Ph.D.
    Associate Professor, Faculty of Education, University of Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada) and co-editor of Tesseracts5.
  • Keith Soltys
    Former reviewer for New Canadian Fandom

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