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Canadian Speculative Fiction

Canadian SF Forum
Discussion forum discuss various types of Canadian SF literature, and announces events, conventions, readings, etc.. Good for current news and views.
Made in Canada
Information on Canadian SF authors, actors, filmakers, and other media. Winner of the 2000 Aurora Award for "Fan Other" Catagory. Useful supplement, or alternative, to this site. The site stopped updating around 2007, but remains available on line.
Yet Another book Review Site
Ralph Brigg's book review site features a section on Canadian SF with links to author pages, bibliographies, etc.
Out of This World
1995 exhibit of the National Library of Canada on Canadian SF and fantasy, web site is still available on the National Library archive pages. A companion volume of critical and historical essays on Canadian SF was also produced (in both French and English editions)
Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy Association.
Sponsors the aurora award.
Robert Runté
  • "The Lost Valley of Adanac",
    Guest Editorial, On Spec Magazine, Spring, 1997;
    Essay on Canadian SF and National Identity
  • "Afterword" from Tesseract5
    state of Canadian SF address, 1996
  • "Why I Read American SF reprinted from Prairie Fire 15:2 (Summer 1994)
  • Robert J. Sawyer
    Sawyer's personal website, while obviously self-promotional, is undeniably one of the primary sites for information on Canadian SF. For example, Rob reprints his long running Canadian SF newscolumns, which provide an excellent historical resource. A good site to contrast with the NCF Guide as Sawyer takes the opposite position on many issues.
    SF Canada
    Canada's national SF writers association web site has much of interest to non-members, including current news, author pages, and so on.

    Canadian Author Pages       TOP

    For individual author pages, see List of Author Listings; authors whose names are highlighted (blue type and underlined in most browsers) have their own home page.

    Writers' Groups

    SF Canada
    Canada's national SF writers association
    The Lonely Cry
    marketing group of nine Canadian SF writers, publishes a newsletter and maintains this web site.

    Publishers: Books       TOP

    Edge Science Fiction & Fantasy Publishing
    Callgary; Publisher: Briann Hades. Well established as an excellent independent press publishing such award-winning books as Marie Jakober's The Black Chalice, their Canadian SF content increased significantly with the acquisition of the Tesseract Books imprint in 2003 (see below). Brian Hades.
    Tesseract Books
    Largest and oldest Canadian SF imprint, Tesseract Books started out as an imprint of Press Porcepic (Victoria), was taken over and expanded by the Books Collective (Edmonton), before being acqired by Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing (Calgary) in 2003. Responsible for Tesseracts the semi-annual anthology of Canadian speculative fiction, Tesseract Books has also published two dozen novels and collections by various Canadian SF authors, often giving such critically acclaimed authors as Sean Stewart, Candas Jane Dorsey, and Elizabeth Vonarburg (in translation) their first mass market exposure.
    Dragon Moon Press
    Calgary; Publisher: Gwen Gades. Dragon Moon Press has both developed a stable of new fantasy writers and produced the wildly popular The Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy series, but is not particularly focused on Canadian content. Nevertheless, an energetic small press with an international reputation.
    Five River Books
    Neustadt, Ontario; Publisher: Lorina Stephens. New, but growing press. Publishes fantasy and SF, along with other Canadian fiction and nonfiction; slogan is: "publishing new Canadian voices". Robert Runté of SFeditor.Ca is a senior editor with Five Rivers.
    Red Deer Press / Robert J. Sawyer Books
    Founded in January 2004, J. Sawyer Books is the newest of Canadian SF imprints. Oriented towards more commercial SF than the other small presses, Robert J. Sawyer Books publishes both Canadian and non-Canadian authors and is backed by Red Deer Press' impressive track record and international distribution system.
    Thistledown Press
    Saskatchewan based publisher includes many SF and young adult fantasy titles. They are also one of the few publishers to provide Teacher resource guides for many of their titles.
    Trifolium Books
    Toronto (Fitzhenry & Whiteside) publisher of university and school textbooks has two titles of interest to SF readers: No Limits: Developing Scientific Literacy Using Science Fiction; and it's companion anthology Packing Fraction and Other Tales of Science & Imagination, both by Julie E. Czerneda. (See "Teaching Canadian SF" for details.)
    Tor Books
    Largely thanks to editor David Hartwell, Tor Books has been very active in seeking out and publishing "new" Canadian writers and has brought out two volumes in an excellent series of reprint anthologies of Canadian SF (Norther Stars, and Northern Suns).
    Del Rey
    Went through a phase of finding and publishing Canadian writers, most notably Dave Duncan (moved to Tor in 2004), but has been less active recently.
    Canadian SF writers are well represented among the ranks of DAW authors.
    Baen Books
    Tends towards militaristic, politically conservative hard science fiction and sword and sorcery fantasy. Canadians are well represented in both these subgenres.

    Publishers: Periodicals       TOP

    AE Canadian Science Fiction Review
    Editor: D.F. McCourt. Online zine with new content every Monday. Interesting start up, worth a look!
    Victoria: Editor; Karl Johanson. Distinguished by Karl's off the wall science columns and editorials it has accumulated excellent reviews. It celebrated it's 20th issue in March 2011.
    Challenging Destiny
    Ontario; Editor: David M. Switzer. Canadian SF & F magazine, published short fiction by Canadian and non-Canadian, and interviews with Canadian authors. Formerly a print magazine, then an e-mag available through Fictionwise, it went on hiatus in 2008, but previous content is still available online.
    On Spec Magazine
    Edmonton; General Editor: Diane Walton. Founded in 1989, it is Canada's longest running English language SF&F magazine). Generally high quality stories, but otherwise hard to generalize because stories are chosen by a committee whose membership varies and whose tastes are often wildly different -- variety is the one consistency.
    Editors: originally Sally McBride and Dale Sproule, subsequent issues by Marcel Gagné & Sally Tomasevic. Ceased publication, but worth looking for back issues if you can find them. Published high quality literary SF&F and horror; changed to anthology format in last incarnation.

    Canadian SF Bookstores       

    Toronto, oldest SF specialty store in Canada (no web page)
    House of SF
    Ottawa (no website)
    Sentry Books
    White Drawf
    4368 West Tenth Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6R 2H7 (604)-228-8223Vancouver. Established in 1978, carries only new books and issues mail-order catalogs quarterly.

    Library Collections

    Three of the major research quality library collections of SF are located in Canada:

    The Merril Collection of Science Fiction and Fantasy"
    Founded in the 1960s as the "Spaced Out Library" by the Toronto Public Library and the late Judith Merril, it attracts SF scholars from around the world. Current head librarian is Lorna Toolis, co-editor of Tesseracts4.
    The Ward Chipman Collection of the University of New Brunswick.
    Although much less well known in Canada then the Merril Collection, The Ward Chipman collection has been designated by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America as one of its two official depositories. Excellent web page of SF references.
    Science fiction research collection of the University of Alberta
    the newest collection is at the University of Alberta and includes the legendary collection of Winnipeg fan Chester Cuthbert (which instantly elevated the UofA's collection to one of the largest and most complete in the world), the William A.S. Sarjeant Collection, the definitive collection of the science fiction of L.Ron Hubbard, and the archives of local s-f conventions and societies.
    Note that all three libraries will consider trading a tax receipt for published and archival material donated to them by collectors.

    Fan Sites

    Links to Canadian SF Clubs
    Links to Canadian fanzines
    The Canadian Fancyclopedia
    An Incompleat GuideTo Twentieth Century Canadian Science Fiction Fandom by Richard Graeme Cameron, BCSFA Archivist; a publication of the British Columbia Science Fiction Association
    National Science Fiction and Fantasy Association
    Founded in 1941, the American N3F accepts Canadian members and is a useful introduction to fandom for new fans.
    Friends of the Merril Collection
    Lobby and support group for the Merrill Collection of Fantasy and Science Fiction (formerly the Spaced Out Library -- founded by Judith Merril in the late 1960s, it is one of the best SF research collections in the world (see above).
    Royal Swiss Navy
    Long time fan Garth Spencer's extensive fan pages devoted in large part to Canadian content. Provides an alternative view to material presented on this site. (Garth Spencer took over publishing the national SF newsletter under the title Maple Leaf Rag when NCF went from newsletter to genzine format. [His print newsletter was superceded by Michael Skeet's MLR which was in turn replaced by Under the Ozone Hole (most recent issue June 2005).] Garth continues the Maple Leaf Rag tradition on the Royal Swiss Navy ezine.)

    General (Non-Canadian) SF Sites

    The SF Site / Internet Speculative Fiction Data Base
    One of the best on-line resources
    A database of popular fiction reviews searchable by topic and category -- e.g., you could ask for a character-driven time travel story dealing with the 1800s, and it would find it for you.
    Strange Horizons
    Decent SF e-magazine

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