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Editor in Chief: Robert Runté, Ph.D. is an associate professor of sociology and student assessment in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge (Alberta, Canada). He was the founding editor of Neology; New Canadian Fandom; and SWACCESS (later Communique, the sf Canada newsletter), and a former member of the editorial boards of The Monthly Monthly, On Spec Magazine, and the Tesseract Books imprint of the Books Collective. He was also a founding member of both NonCon and ConText; a past president of EsfCAS; and Fan GoH at Imagine, V-Con 9 and Conadian, the 52nd WorldCon. He was also co-editor (with Yves Meynard) of Tesseracts5 (see cover, left).

Chief Reviewer: Douglas Barbour, Ph.D. is a major Canadian poet and a professor in the Department of English at the University of Alberta. He was co-editor (with Phyllis Gotlieb) of Tesseracts2 He was for many years a regular reviewer for the Toronto Star and the Edmonton Journal and has contributed reviews to Genre Plat, The Monthly Monthly, NCF and The New York Review of sf, among others.

Chief Bibliographer/Researcher: Randy Reichardt, M.L.S. is a Reference and Instruction Librarian, with the Science and Technology Library, University of Alberta. As a member of the Special Libraries Assocation, he chaired the Engineering Information Inc Scope and Coverage Comittee (Hoboken, NJ), 1996-1998. He also coordinated the Bibliographic Instruction Team whose Biology 108 Instruction Program received the 1999 Library Association of Alberta's Award of Excellence in Library Service. As an sf fan, he published his first fanzine, Odds 'n' Ends, in March, 1969, and edited the prestigious '70s genzine, Winding Numbers. He has also served as Chair of NonCon 3, was Toastmaster at V-Con 14, and Vice Chair of the seminal ConText '89. Randy is also a professional musician, recording and appearing on eight releases since 1990.

Art Director: Marlo Steed, Ph.D. is an assistant professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Lethbridge. He is interested in multimedia and learning and particularly how portrayals influence thinking. He has been producing 3D graphic illustration for the last 6 years. He may be emailed at or check out his art gallery.

French to English Translation: Sheryl Curtis, Ph.D. is a freelance French to English translator living in Montreal. Her translations have appeared in Interzone, Year's Best sf4 and Tesseracts8.


Barry Hammond is a bookseller at Greenwoods Bookshoppe, Volume II, 12433-102 Avenue (The High Street), Edmonton, Alberta. He was born in Edmonton, Alberta and attended the University of Alberta, majoring in theatrical design. His first novel, Cold Front, was published by New American Library in 1982. His short fiction and poetry has appeared in over 40 literary magazines and anthologies in Canada, the U.S.A., and Japan. He is currently the poetry editor with ON SPEC, the Canadian Magazine of Speculative Writing, whose editorial collective he joined in 1991.

Paula Johanson is an sf author and co-editor of Tesseracts7(with Jean-Louis Trudel). Her collection of real-life stories, No Parent is an Island (cover left), is available from Temeron Books in Calgary, or by email from

yves meynard, ph.d. is a quebec author, best known in english canada for the critically acclaimed, The Book of Knights. He was also co-editor (with Robert Runté) of Tesseracts5 (see cover top left)

Keith Soltys. Beats me. Some guy. (Can you tell I never finished editing this page? And that I did way too much of this project really late at night while up with the baby?) Former Canadian sf review columnist for New Canadian Fandom.

jean-louis trudel. born in toronto, jean-louis trudel holds degrees in physics (, astronomy (, and the history and philosophy of science (m.a.). he is currently working on a ph.d. in history. since 1994, he has authored a couple of novels and fifteen young adult books in french, in addition to several dozen stories in english and french. a contributor to the encyclopedia of fantasy (orbit, 1997) and american national biography (oxford university press, 1999), he is also a prolific critic and sometimes translator.

thanks also to catherine girczyc, cath jackel, lloyd penny, robert sawyer and janis svilpis for feedback on earlier editions.

sources for the information in the list of recommended authors included: randy reichardt (chief bibliographer/researcher); garth spencer's maple leaf rag; michael skeet's mlr; doug barbour's reviews in ncf; john robert colombo's 1980 bibliography (manuscript); do-ming lum's introduction to dr. edward llewellyn-thomas at osfic; various issues of tesseracts; visions from the edge; cdn sf&f; other canadas; and the "About the Author" blurbs of innumerable backcovers.





Tesseracts 5 cover
Tesseracts5 an anthology of Canadian Speculative Fiction edited by two of NCF Guide's contributors, Yves Meyard and Robert Runté.




















No parent is an island cover
No Parent is an Island,
Paula Johanson's book on the writer as parent.


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The NCF Guide, (4th Edition) © 1978, 1981, 1988 and 1999 by Robert Runté, except:
"The parent-child relationship in Canadian Speculative Fiction" © 1991 by Paula Johnason, paper presented at the NorthWords Conference, Ottawa, 1991; published here for the first time with the author's permission
© 1990 by Jean-Louis Trudel, reprinted with the author's permission
© 1990 by Jean-Louis Trudel, reprinted with the author's permission
"Québec Fandom: A Brief Overview" © 1990 by Yves Meynard, reprinted with the author's permission
"Canadian sf Book Reviews by Doug Barbour" © 1990, 1997, 1998, and 1999 by Doug Barbour, and reprinted here with the author's permission "Candian sf Book Reviews by Keith Soltys" © by Keith Soltys and reprinted from NCF with the author's permission

Artwork Credits

Cover (and banner logo): "Torodian Beacon " © 1999 by Marlo Steed.
"Genre Chart" © 1981, 1999 by Robert Runté Project Maldon cover, © 1997 Baen Books (Chris Atack, Project Maldon NY: Baen, 1997. 375pp. ISBN0-671-87786-0) and reproduced with permission of Baen Books.
Tesseracts5 cover © by David Vereschagin (Toronto), and reproduced with permisson of Tesseract Books.

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First edition, first printing: October, 1978.
First edition, second printing: October 1979.
Second edition: August, 1981.
Third edition: November, 1988. RAR#116 ISBN: 0-921900-00-7
Fourth (on line and expanded) edition: January 1, 2000.
Continually Updated.

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