The Teachers' Guide

Canadian sf: History and Criticism
Includes definition of sf, sf genre chart, brief introductory overview to Canadian sf as a distinct genre, articles on parent-child relationship in Canadian sf, and overview of the sf subculture (fandom), and so on. Useful introduction to language arts or college teacher unfamiliar with Canadian genre.
Canadian sf Authors
Complete listing of Canadian sf authors. Not all works listed are suitable for school or college use.
Canadian sf in the Secondary Classroom
A resource for classroom teachers by Language Arts teachers Nathan Clark and Leanne Wolsey.
Recommended Titles for the Classroom
A projected annotated listing of Canadian sf suitable for school and college use. Includes listings of books currently approved by various ministries of education (listed by province) and appropriate grade level.
Reviews of Canadian science fiction and fantasy titles by qualified reviewers (academics, writers and educators.) (Long term objective is to include every Canadian title; initial holdings = 80 reviews)
Publisher's Resources
Listing of teacher resource and student response guides available for Canadian Science Fiction and Fantasy titles.
Unit and Lesson Plans

Generic sf Teaching Resources
A projected bibliography of non-Canadian texts and resources for teaching science fiction.
Listing of available references on Canadian science fiction and fantasy. Includes range of scholarly and popular books, articles, conference proceedings, and bibliographic resources to help make you an expert.

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