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  • Crawford Kilian's The Fiction Writer's Page is a collection of advice from his college course on commercial fiction writing. Excellent advice to the aspiring writer, and the basis of his book Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy (International Self-Counsel Press).
  • Robert J. Sawyer's "On Writing", advice column for new writers, reprinted from On Spec Magazine.) Also includes additional advice for more senior authors on how to get an agent, sell to the book club, and so on.
  • The "Details" section of Steve George's web page provides a rare glimpse into real world of writing, with complete details on how long it took to write each book, advances, royalties, agents, editors and so on. "Authors are notoriously reluctant to reveal the gruesome details of their advances, their royalties, the print-runs of their novels, and that sort of thing. I'm usually that way myself. ... I'm hoping ... that you'll come away with a clear idea of what it's like (or was like) to be a mid-list genre author." Well worth a visit.

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