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The following Canadian apa listing compiled and maintained by contributing editor,
Garth Spencer

Last Updated Sept 2000 The following is drawn from Eric Watts's New Moon Directory (1996-97), the most comprehensive reference source for amateur press associations. A few updates and corrections have been added as necessary, but the enclosed list is probably out of date and incomplete. . "As listed in NMD" means I took the address and point-form description (not verbatim) from NMD.  For more information on the New Moon Directory, contact Eric Watts at, or mail to 1161 Research Drive NE, Marietta GA 30066-5539 USA Directory is US$6 per copy.

CM Diane Bruce
20 Vancon Ave.
Nepean, ON 2E 6A9

A general-interest hexaweekly; copy count 32; 25 members; minac 2pp/2 issues; dues $10/year + postage/photocopy account; open roster, 30 max; no waitlist; spec copies free when available;
no back issues available. Often contains a short story, a review or critique, some poems.

* APArition:
OE: George A.S. Park, 677 Smyth Rd., Ottawa, ON K1G 1N7, tel (613) 526-2147

The Ottawa sf Statement used to list this as a gaming apa in their masthead; founded 1987, first appearing Jan. 1988.

Canfandom, formerly CANFAPA
c/o R. Graeme Cameron, #110 - 1855 West Second Avenue, Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1J1

A quarterly apa discussing the Canadian Unity Fan Fund and the survival of hardcopy zine pubbing in Canada; started March 1998. Maxac and minac both 2 pp/mailing. Copying and mailing charges handled by Graeme. I've heard it alleged that this has died, but the fact that Graeme has rather a lot on his plate in 2000 could explain the delay of #4 ...

CM Mike Smith, R.R. #5 Read Rd., Niagara-on-the-Lake, ON L0S 1J0, tel (905) 934-3988

A general-purpose Japanimation/manga quarterly; copy count 10; minac 2 pp/issue or 4 pp/2 issues; dues C$5 to open postage account; open roster, 20 max; no waitlist; spec copies unavailable; back issues unavailable. - as listed in NMD 96.

Co-Ed: Niall MacConnaill 152 Gloucester #B-2, Ottawa, ON K2P 0A6, tel (613) 237-2646, E-mail:

NMD 96 lists this as the first Canadian-based and produced furry apa. Quarterly; copy count 40; 38 members; minac 3 pp/2 issues; maxac 50 pp/issue; dues $20/Canadian, US$25/yr; full roster, 38 max, 9 waitlisters; spec copies and back issues, $22. Internet site: - as listed in NMD 96.

If Janet Wilson is still OE, write her at 681A Mt. Pleasant Ave., Toronto, ON M4S 2N2

Mixed Company was a spinoff of AWA, A Women's APA, which shortly became a women-only forum on feminist issues; Mixed Company is co-ed.

c/o J.D. LaFrance, 28 Bellevue Terrace St. Catharines, ON L2S 1P5

A quarterly apa about industrial culture films primarily, and on cult and art films, esp. the work of David Lynch. No censorship. - few details available; spec copies $2, back issues $3 - as listed in NMD 96 (1994 information?)

SORD & SWORCERY: OEs: Marg Baskin & Heather Bruton, 28 Woolwick St. S., Kitchener, ON N2K 1R9, tel (519) 745-3499

Forum for writers/artists of fantasy or dark fantasy; not into fan politics, feuding, or Elfquest fanfiction. Members must be adults. Quarterly; copy count 25; 24 members; minac 6 original creative pp/2 issues; dues $5/yr+ positive postage account; full roster; 8 waitlisters; spec copies $20 for copying + postage; back issues available to members for copy costs.- as listed in NMD 96.

APA is short for Amateur Press Association. An apa is similar to a Internet chat room, but the first sf apas predate the Internet by 60 years or more. Each member mails a personal publication related to the apa's theme to a central editor, who collates all the submissions into a single issue, which is then mailed to each of the members. Since every member receives every other member's publication, many apas consist of an on-going dialog between contributors, who comment on the previous issue's comments on their comments on the issue before that. As internet chatrooms fulfill much the same function without the long delays between mailings, the apa phenomenon has been largely superceded and the number of apas is in decline.  Nevertheless, some print based apas survive.  In the brief article below, contributing editor Garth Spencer lists the remaining Canadian apas, and notes some of the important apas of the 60s, 70's and 1980s. -RAR


"OE" or "CM" means the person who receives, collates, and mails out the members' publications;
"minac" means the minimum contribution, in pages and frequency, expected of members;
"dues" or "account" refer to monies members pay the OE to support the mailing of the apa.

BCAPA: This apa has been "in suspension" for some years. The Official Editor, Tam Gordy, is a member of BCsfA and frequently appears at V-Con and other Northwest sf conventions.

APA Turnover: I gather this was one of the zines founded by Derek McCulloch in the late 70s/early 80s. I think many of them folded when Derek McCulloch moved to California.
BONDAPA: this McCullough apa died, probably sometime in the late 80s.
CANADAPA: This nation-wide apa, founded by Vaughn Fraser while he was in Ontario, died in 1984.
CASPERAPA: CASPERAPA was founded in 1986 to exchange news and views between Canadian fans interested in the Canadian sf and Fantasy Awards (then called the "Caspers"). CASPERAPA folded in late 1987.
THE FINAL FRONTIER: this McCullough apa died, probably sometime in the late 80s.
GALACTUS: a comics related apa, died about 1994.
GRIFFONAGE: this Toronto apa died about 1984.
MARAPA: a Maritimes apa
TAPA / TORONTO APA, THE: The last OE, Howard Scrimgeour, assures me this general regional apa was discontinued in 1995.

The New Moon Directory, as noted above, is the world's most comprehensive reference source for amateur press associations. Copies should be available at US$4.95 c/o Eric L. Watts, 1161 Research Drive NE, Marietta GA 30066-5539 USA E-mail:


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